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Syödään yhdessä

Let’s eat together - phenomenon: the story

Did you know that Finns eat together more rarely than any other citizens of OECD Member countries? Half of us don’t go visiting each other, and friends or relatives are invited over only a few times each year. At work, 25% of us have their lunch or coffee break in solitude. We’re always busy – at school, at work and at home. Still, nearly all of us wish for more chances for eating together at home, at a restaurant or maybe during a trip in the forest. With that wish, we are on the right track. Eating together and the sense of togetherness it brings are sources for any person’s energy level renewal and well-being of the mind, increasing quality of life and health!

As Finland reaches its 100th anniversary, let’s eat together!

When Finland celebrates its anniversary, let us together make a change in our food culture! The Let’s eat together phenomenon arises from a dream shared by operators in the field of food. In the year 2017, Finnish communities, businesses, associations, unions, foundations, villages and cities are all aiming for an innovative country with a shared sense of community.

We will wake the dormant visiting culture, with its forgotten customs and traditions! We’ll renew a culture of shared meals and experiences throughout Finland. All are invited to celebrate Finland’s 100 years of independence at a shared table. The list includes a multitude of smaller and greater events, where members of neighbourhoods, communities, villages and cities are eating together. Everyone is welcome to join in, either partaking in or creating their own events!

Something new every month!

Finland deserves more than one birthday party! Apart from Independence Day, there will be inspiring occasions on the 6th day of each month, all of them bringing people together. Communications and material for collaborators is created for the changing monthly themes. 100 days prior to Finland’s grand anniversary The World’s Greatest Village Celebration will be arranged. All of Finland partakes in the birthday carnival of the ”100 ’til one hundred” weekend (25.–27.8. 2017). This is when hundreds of participants all across Finland create village festivals of their own making. Among these are celebrations in national parks, under the open sky, in garrisons, schools and restaurants. The choice is yours: you may want to arrange a party on your own or together with someone, or just to enjoy one of the many tables that have been set for you!

You are most welcome to join us!

According to the recent study Appreciation for fresh food, Finns wish for an increase in shared meals in a relaxing atmosphere. During 2017, we can make this dream come true, together. The founding members of the Let’s eat together project have set the table for the Grand Anniversary year. Dozens of national organisations and companies are involved. The anniversary year offers a unique opportunity for creating a food and drink culture with an even greater sense of community. Do join us in spreading the phenomenon of eating together across Finland!



*Food appreciation survey carried out by Taloustutkimus Oy for The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, May 2016.